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Friday Apr 22, 2022

Friday 22 April 2022 is the Earth Day. In this episode, we celebrate and recall a few basic good practices to preserve the health of the planes, animals and ultimately people. A good reminder for everybody, adult people, but also for youth and kids, who will lead the planet soon.  Please like the episode, leave us a comment or any idea. Share if you can! Enjoy, and thank you for your interest.  #planetearth #environment #nature #animals #people #water  

Saturday Jan 23, 2021

On Day 1 the Biden Administration announced it will review Trump’s multi-faceted rollbacks to endangered and threatened species protections. This is a critical begin, and we hope we just entered a time where other species, nature, the climate and human minorities are cared with inclusiveness. It is for the people, for animals, nature and the health of our planet.

Wednesday Jun 17, 2020

Dog people, dog parents, caretakers, dog trainers and lovers, there are many remedies which we may happen to have already at home, or other remedies very easy to find around, that are totally natural and effective against fleas and ticks. Check out the online program

Wednesday May 06, 2020

Takaya was a very rare species of canine known as the coastal wolf or sea wolf. Those predators thrive in marine environments, living by himself for about 10 years. He gathered a lot of both scientific and popular attention due to his specific lifestyle and crucial role in understanding ecology, behavior, spatial distribution and diet of wolves. On 24 March, 2020, Takaya was shot and killed by a hunter. Like this Episode - Subscribe to the Podcast - Leave a Comment

Wednesday Mar 11, 2020

Many people are concerned for their dogs and wonder whether their dog can be affected by corona virus 2019, alias Covid-19. As of now, there is no straight answer. Essential considerations and aspects of our daily practice can improve our rate of safety and reduce a further spread of the virus, first and foremost for us, and possibly for our dogs too. How to wash your hands? What news to follow? How to leverage proactively this time of crisis? Check out ONLINE PROGRAMS

Monday Feb 17, 2020

Thank you for your interest. Please Like this podcast, Follow this channel and Share it with people you love. Prong Collar, Choke Collars and Electric Collars are controversial tools in dogs training and behavior modification. This episode is an abstract from the Online Program "Dog Behavior Dog Care Dog Training - 12 Fundamentals". Check out ONLINE PROGRAMS in the right sidebar.  

Monday Feb 03, 2020

Wolves play a vital role in the ecosystem. Here we talk about the Trophic Cascade, that is, how wolves and other animals are essential for the health of the environment. PLEASE LIKE, DOWNLOAD AND SHARE this Podcast! This episode is an abstract from the Online Program Wolves: The Quintessential Canine. Check out that and other ONLINE PROGRAMS in the right sidebar of this Podcast.  

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